Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Elf-Help 36

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Universe Pathways: Yay, I've been published in Greek!

Looks real pretty, too, though of course I have no idea what it says, or if it's a good translation.

If you've been wracking your brains, trying to come up with the perfect gift for your Greek-speaking friend with geek-leanings, stop by the Universe Pathways website and snag a copy. :)

Sunday, October 29, 2006

The Matriarch

For those keeping score at home, Steven has started up again on The Matriarch. This one is a prequel of sorts to Old School, and we're hoping to have it in stores the first week of May (for Mother's day).

Steven's super-power is drawing pages fast, so fingers crossed... :)

Wednesday, October 18, 2006

In Dreams

Below are three characters from Brilig & the Dreamsea drawn by manga-ka Binah Moon.

Brilig lay in the darkness of his room and listened. An irregularity in the night sounds of the house drew him from his bed and into the long hall that led to his father’s room, where softer snores intermingled with Togrove’s familiar ones. Brilig halted his advance when he realized his father must have found company for the night.

He half turned to re-enter his room but froze when the figures emerged. Togrove came first, a milky ghost slipping through the outer wall. This, Brilig realized, was his father’s dreamself, heading towards the dreamcove.

The second figure, the dreamself of Mrs. Horlig, the blacksmith’s wife, lingered in the hall. Her eyes had a faraway quality and she seemed unaware of her lack of clothing. Brilig painted her with the colors of his memories. She had shoulder-length red hair and a plump body with very large breasts--a common feature in all of Togrove’s companions. She slipped through the wall and Brilig moved to the window, which offered an ideal view of the sleepy town.

Dreamselves rose from thatched roofs and smoking chimneys. The ritual must have occurred every night but had, until this night, gone unseen. The dreamselves moved quickly, emerging from the small houses and flying immediately towards the shore. Some of the nearer figures, Brilig saw, maintained sleep-like poses as they flew, curled up or lying flat on their backs.

When the last of the figures vanished, Brilig drew the shutters against the cold night. The rhythmic breathing still filled the house, signifying that the adults had departed in spirit only.

Brilig crawled back into bed and tried to steady the rapid rise and fall of his chest. He pulled the covers over his head and played the strange images over and over in the theater of his mind...

More on Brilig.

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Twilight Precinct: Punch!

By Federico Zumel, Maurizio Russo, and Giuseppe Pica.

Thursday, October 12, 2006


Here's a peek at a new comic project I'm doing with artist Mike Roberts. Pathwalkers is a paranoid sci-fi/noir/thriller about a world not too much unlike our own, where a secret group of telepaths -- pathwalkers, as they call themselves -- vie for world domination.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Veronica's Lost Reavers

So, yeah, I'm updating over here again (after a lengthy absence of... a week). Blogger just feels like home.

Here are some of my recent thoughts:

Lost 3x01 and Descartes:

In my essay, "Doubt, Descartes, and Evil Geniuses" in Getting LOST, from Orson Scott Card and BenBella Books, I link Descartes' doubt (the means through which he came to know the nature of reality) with Lost's mystery (the means through which we enter the Lost mythos). After seeing the first episode of season three, I can't help but think I was on to something...

Veronica Mars 3x01:

The structure of this show has always been pretty well thought out and nifty, and seems further refined this year. Instead of a single season-long mystery (who killed Lily? who blew up the bus?), they're going to do three this year, with no re-run breaks during each respective arc.

The initial ongoing stories for this arc are the campus rapist mystery, set up last season, and Keith's strange desert-adventure thing, which I don't quite have a handle on yet. The rapist-mystery works for me, because it breaks along a social fault-line...

Serenity: Reaver Fan Fiction:

Eeaarghh paced the deck in front of the window as the tiny vessel crept closer and closer to his own. A fragile bubble of life alone on the drift, Eeaarghh wished he could reach out to the other ship -- bring her passengers aboard the protective shelter of his own much larger vessel, where he and his crewmates could do what came most naturally to them: rape the other crew to death and eat their still-warm flesh.

Eeaarghh walked slowly to where his commanding officer, Ulp, gnawed thoughtfully on a skewer topped with a human wang. "AAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!" Eeaarghh said by way of broaching the subject of approaching the other ship...

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Tuesday, October 03, 2006

MySpace -- the Final Frontier

Been blogging (and doing Elf-Help) for a full year now, and I think it's time to try something else (at least for a little while). I'm moving over to MySpace -- stop by and say hello: MySpace.com/thePureLands.

My main goal since starting this blog has been to publish some super hero comics, and I've been making steady progress. Both Old School and The Matriarch are set to be published by Arcana Studio in 2007, and Twilight Precinct is now in the capable hands of Giuseppe Pica and will soon be ready to start submitting.

For more on my various stories and publications, click here; and for more on my various comic book projects, click here.

Index of previous posts:

On my webcomic, Elf-Help:

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On the TV show, LOST:

Logic of Lost * Lost=TV * Dave=monster * Others=Elves * LOST: choose-your-own-adventure * Underwater hatch and the truth about Hanso * Lost in Lost * Getting LOST

And, of course, I'm sure I'll write lots more on these and other topics at my MySpace page.