Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Putting the files together for the OLD SCHOOL OGN, and I'd love to fill it out with a few pin-ups. If you're an artist and would like to contribute something, send it to me by January 20th at littlemanfromfaraway //at// yahoo.com. If you'd like to contribute something but need a little more than a week to fit it in, drop me a line and I'll hold a slot for you. I'll have room for 4 or 5 pin-ups.

OLD SCHOOL is the story of a team of really old superheroes coming together for the first time.

In order of appearance in the image above, the cast is: Ace, a WWII-era fighter pilot. He has no powers, but he kind of looks like William Shatner. Strong-Arm, Ace's former side-kick and the youngest of the group at 69 -- he has super strength and a bad back. Weather Girl, who controls the weather and uses a walker. The Zeppelin is a super-suave ladies man whose suit puffs up and lets him fly. The Stare has eye-beam power like Cyclops, but his cataracts sometimes make his beams go astray.

Old School's arch-nemesis is Rex Imperius, who sort of looks like an elderly Steve Buscemi. He can turn into a big, mean dinosaur.

More images below, and even more here.

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