Monday, June 19, 2006

LOST: choose-your-own-adventure!

(Note: this adventure takes place during Season 1)

Desperate to ingratiate yourself to Jack, and thereby win a coveted slot in the island's in-crowd, you remain constantly on the periphery of his domain near the caves and fresh water supply.

You breathe the sweet, tropical air, massage the toe you sprained when the plane crashed, and bide your time.

"Hey you," Jack says, rubbing a hand over his stubble, and fixing you with his stare. "Go get me a coconut."

Yes! Here's your chance! Jack probably needs the coconut for a medical procedure... or maybe to create a bowling alley.

Whatever. You promise yourself that you will get that coconut.

Hoping to scout out some coconuts, you climb to the summit of a nearby hill. You see Sawyer outside his tent by the beach. And beside him... a pile of coconuts!

A path leads in the other direction, and you see Mr. Locke walking down it.

Do you take the path past Locke? Or do you trade with Sawyer for his coconuts?


Blogger Mike Exner III said...

Heh heh. This is fun. And I don't even watch LOST.

6/20/2006 12:39 AM  

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