Friday, March 13, 2009

Sci-Fi Date

For some reason I always wanted to write a wacky, sci-fi/superhero date, and ended up finally doing it in chapter 2 of The Matriarch (pre-order it now at your local comic shop, or at least read the webcomic!). The emotional through-line here is the typical stuff you go through on a first date: social maneuvering, demonstrating ones attractive attributes, and also -- in this case -- a little bit of one-upsmanship.


The concept inside of which this all plays out, however, is an aggressive alien thought making itself manifest in the ground beneath Leviathan City. TechnoKill has seen this sort of thing before, but never penetrated all the way to the third level, where the meat of the thought is kept. The Matriarch is new to it all, but has a lot more than Tech in the way of superpowers, and so is able to hold her own pretty well.

Looking back, I'm pretty proud of it as a dramatic unit. Steven (Yarbrough, co-creator of The Matriarch) drew the whole thing pretty quickly, and it's definitely got a different feel to it than the first or third chapters. It's a classic journey to the underworld motif, with the super-powered duo penetrating deeper and deeper into the ground (and the alien thought) until…

…well, I guess that would still be spoiling at this point. But it's no accident that our cover image for chapter 2 looks like this:


Anyway, pre-order the book (it's on page 197 of Previews, order code MAR094065) or follow along online (we update with new pages every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday), and let me know if you think I did the concept of the sci-fi date justice.

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