Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Veronica's Lost Reavers

So, yeah, I'm updating over here again (after a lengthy absence of... a week). Blogger just feels like home.

Here are some of my recent thoughts:

Lost 3x01 and Descartes:

In my essay, "Doubt, Descartes, and Evil Geniuses" in Getting LOST, from Orson Scott Card and BenBella Books, I link Descartes' doubt (the means through which he came to know the nature of reality) with Lost's mystery (the means through which we enter the Lost mythos). After seeing the first episode of season three, I can't help but think I was on to something...

Veronica Mars 3x01:

The structure of this show has always been pretty well thought out and nifty, and seems further refined this year. Instead of a single season-long mystery (who killed Lily? who blew up the bus?), they're going to do three this year, with no re-run breaks during each respective arc.

The initial ongoing stories for this arc are the campus rapist mystery, set up last season, and Keith's strange desert-adventure thing, which I don't quite have a handle on yet. The rapist-mystery works for me, because it breaks along a social fault-line...

Serenity: Reaver Fan Fiction:

Eeaarghh paced the deck in front of the window as the tiny vessel crept closer and closer to his own. A fragile bubble of life alone on the drift, Eeaarghh wished he could reach out to the other ship -- bring her passengers aboard the protective shelter of his own much larger vessel, where he and his crewmates could do what came most naturally to them: rape the other crew to death and eat their still-warm flesh.

Eeaarghh walked slowly to where his commanding officer, Ulp, gnawed thoughtfully on a skewer topped with a human wang. "AAAAIIIIEEEEE!!!" Eeaarghh said by way of broaching the subject of approaching the other ship...

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