Sunday, December 28, 2008

Magistria: Realm of the Sorceror

This is an anthology I contributed to many years ago that has since gone out of print. I'm making this page so I have somewhere to link to when I mention it.

It was reviewed by Bruce Durham, and by David A. Olson at SFReader. I'll repost the parts of the reviews relevant to my story, "The Metal Mages," since those are the sections most interesting to me. :)

Here's Bruce's take:

Onark can't understand why the girl is reluctant to become an Automaton, thereby achieving immortality. And then young Luje attempts to save her. This science-as-magic tale is well written and intriguing. A nice, smooth read with a disturbing finish.

David considered "The Metal Mages" the best story in the book, and says:

A boy follows a girl who was sacrificed up a mountain to save her from the metal mages. Two shocking surprises await the reader at the conclusion of this short, gripping tale. I hope that this story's plot line is followed up on in the future books planned for this anthology. Could make for some exciting sequels!

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