Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Lost: Others and Elves

I posted on the blogwerks blog about the similarities between elves and the Others from the TV show Lost. Here are the highlights:

* elves (and other faerie folk) have been known to steal human babies or switch human babies with their own; the Others are known baby (and Walt) thieves

* the Others were on the island long before our castaways (making them an elder race, so to speak)
* the realm of the Others is clearly marked by the line the Bearded Man told Jack not to cross

Up until now the Others have seemed purely evil but, like elves, they may turn out to be merely other. Perhaps the bulk (or at least the first third) of Lost season three will have us getting to know the Others, or even show them becoming our allies.

For more on elves, you should of course read Elf-Help. For more theories on Lost, pre-order Getting Lost.


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