Saturday, June 28, 2008

Dark Worlds #1

The premiere issue of DARK WORLDS, a quarterly magazine of "Pulp-descended" fiction, featuring science fiction, fantasy, horror, dark fantasy, mystery, sword and sorcery, mystery, suspense, action-adventure tales illustrated in the old Pulp manner.
This issue features C. J. Burch's novella "In the Service of the All-Father" (sword and sorcery), Bret Tallman's "Red Engine" (dark fantasy), David Bain's "Fifteen Minutes" (suspense), G. W. Thomas' "Heller" (weird western), J. F. Gonzalez's "The Revenge of Cthulhu" (horror), Joel Jenkins' space opera novella "The Investment", Robert Burke Richardson's "Eye, Urreal" (Fantasy) and a review of Justin Gustainis' new novel BLACK MAGIC WOMAN with an interview with the author. Illustrations by M. D. Jackson, Samuel de Graff and G. W. Thomas. Cover by M. D. Jackson.

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