Monday, August 20, 2007

Venturesome Colours

One of my long-simmering comics projects, VENTURESOME MOTES, has moved to the colour stage.

So pretty!

The first two pages are structured as gags -- first the guy on foot is overtaken by a dogsled, then uses a snow-mobile to outrace the dogsled.

The tough part for me is that I'm working backwards on this project, adding captions and dialogue after the pages are drawn, which means every word I choose to add is going to cover up a piece of the artwork.

Brevity: can I achieve it? And what in the world should I make everybody say?

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Monday, August 13, 2007


OLD SCHOOL is coming from Arcana Comics, and we're looking for a skilled digital inker to help us finish up the third issue. The book is drawn by Alan Gallo, and finished pages look like this:

More finished pages at my ComicSpace page.

Alan's pencils are pretty tight:

We need about ten pages inked. Our publishing deal is already in place, so your work will see print. If you're interested, please send links or samples to littlemanfromfaraway -/at/-

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