Thursday, April 19, 2007

Lost, toes, sentences, and plugs

Been enjoying Lost again after a handful of mediocre episodes when they first came back from hiatus. Last night's episode, Catch-22, was particularly good, and the first episode co-written by Pride of Baghdad scribe Brian K. Vaughan. The episode had BKV's fingerprints all over it -- pop-culture references (Superman vs. the Flash), shocking character death (though one that doesn't actually take place) -- and was thoroughly enjoyable, so good on ya, Brian.



So, women who conceive on the island cannot successfully give birth (the mother's body treats the fetus like an invading organism): could this mean that babies conceived of on the island aren't entirely human? (Perhaps they'd only have four toes!)


Nice to find my name in the same sentence with Brian Vaughan, Sean McKeever, and Eric Wight on newsarama today in the Shots in the Dark press release. Makes me feel like I've accomplished something, although I really haven't.


Here I plug my upcoming projects:

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