Sunday, April 08, 2007

Dumb stuff I thought a year ago

One year ago (roughly), this is what I thought.

The all-ages stuff I had a hankering to do is coming along (tantalizing glimpses above!), and production is wrapping on both OLD SCHOOL and THE MATRIARCH.

TWILIGHT PRECINCT is dead, although I did eventually get the submission package finished thanks to the help and talents of Giuseppe Pica. THE EREHWYNA DESTINY remains stalled, but I think it will roar back to life one of these days.

Work on THE PURE LANDS resumed only recently, but we'll hopefully have lineart for the first seven or eight pages within the next week or two.

Turned out it wasn't fantasy, but rather science fiction that came to dominate 2006 for me, as I placed both PATHWALKERS and its tonal and thematic opposite, VENTURESOME MOTES at Arcana.

So. It's good to make plans, I guess, as long as you expect them to sometimes go off track. And then to find the track again later. Sometimes. But not always. I guess.

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