Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Comic Conversations

On format:

At The Engine:

Warren Ellis:

When I devised the FELL format, I thought of it as The Dose (as long-suffering readers of Bad Signal will recall). Just a direct mainline shot of brainpower, taking longer to read and digest than the standard 32pp single for a dollar less than usual.

Now Matt's doing CASANOVA. I believe there's one more FELL-format book planned at Image Central right now.

I want more...

At Image Central:


To be honest, it is much harder to write a short story than just ramble on. But is there an audience for it? I think so. In fact, since we're talking the spandex set, I would say your main audience is exactly who is LEFT behind.... now that we've shrunk so much as a community.

Also, FELL has proven you can do-it-in-one, and Ellis is doing it with even less pages. But, the important fact is to make it your own...

On breaking in:

At Newsarama:

Rick Remender:

From today’s vantage point, my only real problem with the idea that there is such a thing as an “over-night success” is that it gives aspiring creators and their audiences a false sense of reality. I can assure you 99% of your favorite creators put in long years toiling in obscurity before you gave two shits about them. When we become aware of a creator’s work, it’s new to us and indeed it seems as if the work appeared overnight. Yet, in most cases the entertainer had undoubtedly been working seven days a week, fourteen hours a day, for years and years prior to his or her “over-night success.”

For everyone who has ever asked me how to break into comics--and what to expect--I offer this, the humble tale of my ten-year, over-night success...


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