Monday, September 11, 2006

Dark Horrors: Spotlight and ToC

The Dark Horrors anthology is not only in previews right now (SEP06 3063), but it also has a spotlight. Keep an eye out for the really ugly dude below when you're in shops looking for this around Halloween.

Here is the list of story titles and writers involved:

Ronn Sutton -- Tell-Tale Heart (Adaptation)
Janet Hetherington -- Wishbone
Ron Fortier -- Fright
David Hopkins -- Siren Song option
Dwight MacPherson -- La Famiglia
Mark Poulton -- Hog Wild!
Robert Burke Richardson -- The Gargoyle
Jon Hook -- In Season Variety
Crisman Strunk -- Safe at Home
Jim Wheelock -- Drawing on the Dead
Kenneth Olson-- Remember Me
Ben Fisher -- Me and My Shadow
Jeff Loew -- I Married a Ghost Girl: A Maskers Tale
Saul Haberfield -- Believe Hollywood
Chris Lynch -- The Exchange
Gerrin Bush -- Hinnom

I've had a peek at Ron Fortier's story, "Fright," and the art is top notch. I'll be watching this space over here for info on the other artists involved.


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