Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Lost Findings

Spotted a couple reviews of Getting Lost:

From The Lost Blog:

"All in all, this is a book for the more hard-core LOST-obsessed fan who could talk for hours about the subject around the water cooler, not for the populist viewer who may only catch every other episode of the show or just watches it due to a Josh Holloway crush. For those in the former group, I think that with the variety inside this book, there is something for just about everyone."

From Lost-n-Found:

"This book is literally packed with varying points of view of not only what is happening on the island, but also of the different things that may influence the writers. The essays range from whimsical to down right confusing, but all in all, the book is a relatively easy read."

Haven't picked up Getting Lost yet? You can read Adam-Troy Castro's essay, "The Same Damn Island," in BenBella Books' The Best of Smart Pop Volume 2 sampler.


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