Monday, June 19, 2006

LOST: CYOA 6 (?)

As you approach the symbol, you see a man in a yellow radiation suit. He gestures for you to follow, and leads you to a metal doorway built into the ground. He opens the door and the two of you desend into some sort of underground bunker.

There are television screens everywhere, a closed-circuit surveilance system. There are people on some of the screens, including a man with shoulder-length hair who you think kind of looks like a Desmond.

The man in the radiation suit removes his hat, revealing curly blonde hair and a blonde beard.

"Who are you then?" you ask.

"Melvin," he says, picking up a pen.

"What's that all about?" you ask.

"Oh, just saving the word," he says, holding up a notebook with an I-Ching looking symbol on the cover. "Saving it by writing it down in this notebook," he clarifies.

He moves a four-fingered glove from the table and says, "Would you like some food?"

Do you stay for a bite, or continue on your quest for a coconut?


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