Monday, June 19, 2006

LOST: CYOA 7 (Food)

Melvin walks you over to another area of the bunker -- a pantry! When you go back and tell everyone about this -- cookies! crackers! cereal! -- you'll be invited to join the A-List for sure!

Melvin pulls a lid off a jar and tosses you a funny looking mushroom. He eats one himself. "Hmm," he says. "This texture is... interesting."

Before biting into your own mushroom, you glance at the label on the jar. It says "Peanut Butter."

"Uh, Melvin?" you say as he eats another mushroom. "Don't eat that, man. It's not mushrooms -- it's just really, really, really old peanut butter."

Melvin turns white, then green.

"This has happened before," he gasps. "Last week I found a bucket of what I thought was apple-juice, but..."

He slumps hard against the wall. "Only one thing can save me! I need the sweat of a tree-frog!"

Do you go out and look for a tree-frog? Leave Melvin for dead and continue looking for a coconut? Find Sawyer and trade him for a tree-frog?


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