Monday, June 05, 2006

'Dead God's Punishment' Reviewed

Tangent's Michael Fay reviews Flashing Swords #6. Excerpted below are the parts about me which are, naturally, the most interesting bits.- ;)

The final story is “The Dead God’s Punishment” by Robert Burke Richardson. This is the third of a series of connected tales that started with issue 4 of Flashing Swords (Fall 2005). Melinda, the woman Phillipe is in love with, has been kidnapped, leaving Phillipe, Jack Nimble, and Jack’s protege/lover Avasa to rescue her. In doing so, they face a mob of crazed religious fanatics and the wrath of a strange being claiming to be the Dead God returned.

“The Dead God’s Punishment” is the fastest paced of the three. This comes at the price of having less of the biting wit the previous two had. Not to say that there is no wit, but it plays less of a role. Action is the name of the game in this story, and there is plenty of it. Still, the ending will leave you with a smile, and it certainly lays the foundation for more Jack Nimble hijinks to come. If Richardson can maintain the quality of his stories, Jack Nimble and the Platypus will certainly rival any pair in sword and sorcery fantasy for entertainment value.

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