Monday, June 19, 2006

LOST: CYOA 10 (Sawyer)

"Well hey there, No-name," Sawyer says as you approach, the tiny frog hidden away in the palm of your hand, "what's a non-speakin' role like yourself doin' all the way out here?"

You open your mouth to answer, but the frog lets out a soft ribbit. Sawyer looks confused for a moment, perhaps thinking that you made the sound, but soon his eyes glaze over with hatred.

Quicker than your eyes can follow, Sawyer grabs your arm, twists your wrist, and holds the frog aloft, examining it in the clear afternoon light.

"I hate tree-frogs," he says, and crushes it to death.
Josh Holloway
He tosses the broken carcass at your pantsless leg, where it slides slowly down. At least for now, it looks like this is...

The End.


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