Thursday, April 27, 2006

Elves and Dead Gods

No new episode of Elf-Help this week, as we take a break between chapters to catch up. Make sure to check back next Wednesday for the launch of the third and final chapter and the debut of new colorist Giuseppe Pica (here's a taste of what he's been doing on The Matriarch).

Elf-Help takes place in a world called the Pure Lands, along the Wizard Coast (as subtly revealed in episode 4); two day's journey from Trelland is the river Prescience, which traverses the continent, touching nearly every major metropolis before disappearing into the Anarchy, which lies beyond the Dragon's Teeth Mountains. At the mouth of this place of mystery, protecting the rest of the continent from the myriad dangers of the Anarchy, is Jengao, City of Towers, home to master thief Jack Nimble and his assassin partner, Phillipé (alias: the Platypus).

Jack and Phillipé are the stars of The Dead God's Trilogy, a story cycle currently in progress at the e-zine Flashing Swords. If you'd like to learn a little bit more about the wider world of which Elf-Help is a part, click here to read "The Dead God's Destiny" --

Avasa looked at the bracelet. It was a nice piece, but obviously not worth the risks they had taken to get it. “Then what’s in this for you?” she asked, voice rising in a way Jack found adorable.

Jack shrugged. “The usual. Eternal life, world domination. In that order.”

-- and here to read "The Dead God's Puppet-Show":

“What did you have in mind?” Phillipé asked cautiously. “For this caper specifically?” He put a rum ball to his lips and began sucking on it.

“We’re going after the cult of Monkey Testicles,” Jack said. Phillipé stopped sucking, moved the ball away from his mouth, and stared at it.

The third installment, "The Dead God's Punishment," should be up early next week.


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