Friday, January 11, 2008

Urbis Faerie Character Profiles: Chris

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When you’re fated to be the bad guy, what kind of life can you hope to lead?

Chris’s father rejected the proud traditions of his people, and Chris doesn’t want to end up a snivelling coward like his dad… but embracing the savagery of his line would mean jail or worse in this modern age. Is Chris bad because of his ancestry, or because he’s just a jerk? Does he excel at football because of the violence… or is he really a team-player at heart? Does he even actually think about any of these issues, or are we just projecting?

Chris is with Nikki right now, but he wants to be with the new girl, Ariel. And Nikki. Preferably at the same time.

Fun Facts about Chris:

Favourite Tea: Beer.
Hates: That dorky reverend, Cat.
Year Book Quote: “FREE PORN!!!”

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