Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Urbis Faerie Character Profiles: Mister O

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He’s small. He’s Irish. He loves Lucky Charms. Can you guess what race of mythological creatures Mister O’Shannon’s descended from?

If I had to guess, I’d say… werewolf. Or maybe some type of spider-thing.

Mister O’ has walked the Earth a long time, and no one seems to know just how old he really is. He traveled the world – twice – before settling in Urbis Faerie, and has a vast knowledge of both teas, and eastern philosophy. His diner, “O’Shannon’s,” is the spiritual center of the town. The Portuguese egg tarts come highly recommended.

Fun Facts About Mr. O:

Interests: Shelley Paley
Activities: Shelley Paley
Secret Hobbies: Shelley Paley
Biggest Crush: Noelia

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Who is Shelley Paley?

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