Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dark Horrors: The Gargoyle

Dark Horrors, a new anthology from Arcana Studio, should be showing up Wednesday (the 20th of December) at discerning comic shops everywhere.

Artist Shom Bhuiya and I have a story in here called "The Gargoyle," which was grey-scaled and lettered under the supervision of Dario Carrasco, when this was going to be a Panday Studio affair (thanks, Dario!). I still haven't seen it in finished form -- fingers crossed it looks good!

Incidentally, "The Gargoyle" was the very first comic script I ever wrote, way back in 2003. Fitting that it should be the first comic work of mine to see print.

Alright, I'll shut-up now. Here's the first two pages:


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