Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Elitism, Underwear, & Master Narratives in Shrek II

Can't get enough of my long-winded and pretentious articles? Hear me prattle on about the movie Shrek II and the dangers and delights of franchizes over at Anna Tambours' Can of Worms:

Have Shrek and Fiona sold themselves to the status quo in order to feature prominently on children’s underwear? The truth, I fear, may be more sinister still. The Shrek of the original "Shrek" is Socrates as characterized by Plato: he interrogates and reevaluates every convention and establishes a new and better mode of life. Shrek in "Shrek II," however, is Socrates as characterized by Nietzsche in "Twilight of the Idols": a petty man who tears down the old truth = beauty paradigm simply because he, himself, is ugly.

Read it all here.


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