Tuesday, February 07, 2006

It's all Greek to me

"Possibly a special circle in hell is reserved for those who fannishly geek out about their own work."
Benjamin Rosenbaum

I will try to keep my self-geek-outery to a minimum and just mention that a few of my stories, The Coming Years of Good, The Dead God Trilogy (Destiny, Puppet Show, and the yet-to-appear Punishment), and The Case of the Martian Ambassador, will be appearing in Greek in a magazine called Universe Pathways.

Avasa looked at the bracelet. It was a nice piece, but obviously not worth the risks they had taken to get it. “Then what’s in this for you?” she asked, voice rising in a way Jack found adorable.

Jack shrugged. “The usual. Eternal life, world domination. In that order.”


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