Monday, January 30, 2006

24 Day 5, Hour 6 -- Spoilers?

I figure this might happen tonight. Maybe.
(This is what Jack Bauer might sound like if Warren Ellis was on the writing staff).

So what exatly is Cummings' plan, anyway? It seems like he's gone to extraordinary lengths to involve Jack in every step along the way. I must say that if I was the shadowy villain behind the scenes, I would do everything in my power NOT to involve the one man who could stop me.

Cummings was trying to frame him, I guess, and it's possible he didn't notice last year that Jack always pees in Death's eye while givin' the ol' Vic Mackey love to the bad-guy's head, rising from the ashes and mentioning how he never thought a guy like him could get a second chance.


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