Saturday, January 07, 2006

The Dead God's Puppet Show

My tale, "The Dead God's Puppet Show", is up now at Flashing Swords -- but don't read it (at least not yet). First you're going to want to revel in the absolute genious of Nancy Virginia Varian's "Tal's Tale"; her stories beat with the heart of the old Norse myths, and she is one of the authors who inspired me to try my hand at writing sword & sorcery stories in the first place.

After you've checked out the other pulse-pounding , and you're ready for a little SS&S (Silly Swords & Sorcery), head on over to "The Dead God's Puppet Show." Jengao (the city where the Jack Nimble & the Platypus stories take place), is on the opposite side of the continent from the wizard coast, where my takes place.

Welcome to the Pure Lands -- I hope you enjoy your stay.

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