Monday, January 09, 2006

SuperManny 4

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You'll probably have to click the picture to see it at a large enough size to read.

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Looks like Sin City and Men in Black II star Rosario Dawson is part of a new comic about a covert police unit that investigates occult crimes. This sounds like fabulous news to me, yet lots of folks on the newsarama thread seem to have a problem with it. A covert unit that investigates the occult is hardly a new concept, especially in comics where we have Mignola's Hellboy-universe B.P.R.D. going strong, but I imagine Dawson's name will draw a few new-comers to the medium, and they are unlikely to find the idea old and boring.

Anyway, almost any new comic is good news to me -- and if it involves a talented (and gorgeous) movie-star, then so much the better!


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