Tuesday, January 03, 2006


I figure Elf-Help is one of the best looking comics on the net, so here's something that... isn't. I've been meaning to start drawing again for a little while and, given my current mood, I thought I'd try a humor/everyday life strip about a little boy who thinks he has super powers and jumps off the roof. Here is my first, primitive attempt to set the stage (you probably have to click the image to make it big enough to read):

next comic

I figure I'll do twenty strips in test-run mode, to make sure there's enough juice in the idea to support an ongoing thing. (It'll probably take me about that many strips to learn the craft, hone a style, and settle on final character designs, anyway). If I can get twenty strips out on a regular basis -- updates Mondays and Fridays at least (hopefully Wednesdays, too) -- I'll take it to the next level and get a domain name and a proper webcomics platform.

For now, it'll just be on this blog. Check back tomorrow when you'll learn whether or not I could manage a second strip. Comments and critiques welcome.


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