Monday, July 24, 2006


Did I ever mention that I have a story in issue #2 of Space Squid? Well, um, I do, and it's called "Into the Slipstream." Here's a taste:

The box contained a pair of flimsy cardboard glasses and a piece of paper with the address of every place Peter had ever stayed. Each address had been scratched out with a green crayon but the last, which corresponded to his cubicle.

Peter picked up the glasses, recognized the black-and-off-white hypnotic swirl. “My X-Ray Specs!” he exclaimed. “They finally arrived!”

Four facts argued against these being the genuine article: 1). Pete had sent away for the glasses twenty-three years ago, when he was seven years old; 2). he had not included any money; 3). The stamp he salvaged from a letter from Grandma had already been used; and 4). there was no such thing as X-Ray Specs.

Heart beating a little faster, he put the glasses on and looked around...

- * * *
And in other literature/squid related news, Greg van Eekhout's chapbook, Show and Tell and Other Stories, is available for pre-order from Tropism Press. I'm sure you'll dig it.


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