Tuesday, May 02, 2006

Continuing Adventures of Bug-Girl & Weather-Man

Donna Jones reviews On Spec #62 (including my story, "The Coming Years of Good") over at sfcrowsnest:

'The Coming Years Of Good' by Robert Burke Richardson was like a weird revamped tale of 'The Borrowers', the issues on an apartment advert being little people who live in the wall. These little people keep the protagonist of the tale awake at night filming their specialist home movies. The tiny woman being able to make creepy-crawlies from nasty thoughts in her head and the tiny man whipping up the weather with a thought or a carefully twitched pinkie. Their only fear is fire which melts their insides which are made of Devonshire cream! This kind of Jackson Pollock meets the written word surrealism is something that the editors of 'On Spec' obviously embrace because at least one short story or poem each issue has this disturbed but imaginative undertone.

On Spec, disturbing and cheap! ;)


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