Sunday, April 02, 2006

Mars Needs Women!

There was a lot of funny April Fool's news floating around yesterday. Here's one of my favorites, from All The Rage:

Following a bidding war between Dark Horse and IDW, an unexpected publisher has swooped in and picked up the Veronica Mars license. And the winner is… Avatar Press, a company best known for pornographic bad girl comics. Naturally, this has caused some concern among VM fans. However, an Avatar rep was quick to assuage their fears:

We at Avatar are huge fans of Veronica Mars. Rob Thomas, along with his cast and
crew have created one of the strongest female protagonists in years and have
consistently delivered sharply written stories. Stephen King, Joss Whedon and
Kevin Smith have all been outspoken with their praise for the show, as have a
number of TV critics. The series poses a high standard to live up to, but we
fully intend to be true to the source material just as we have been with Frank
Miller’s Robocop and Stargate SG-1: Daniel’s Song. Rest assured, Veronica is
good hands. She won’t do anything in the comics that she wouldn’t do on the
Having read that, here’s the first cover:
Kristen Bell stripping...


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