Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Podcastic Four

Yes, I have been bitten by the Podcast bug and have decided to descend from On High and share with you my wisdom.

For fiction, Escape Pod's got the goods. I've enjoyed all of their flash fiction (really short stories, some less than a minute in length). I'll point to Ben Rosenbaum's superhero tale The Death Trap of Dr. Nefario and Robots and Falling Hearts by Tim Pratt and Greg van Eekhout as particular favorites at longer lengths.

New Scientist has a weekly podcast covering all kinds of topics in science. The blurb for this week's reads:

A new picture of the early universe suggests the big bang got off to a rapid start. And what the surprise discovery of a giant virus reveals about the ancient history of life on Earth.

For comics talk and interviews, I check out John Siuntres at Word Balloon and the guys at ComicGeekSpeak. Interviews with pretty much everyone in the industry, big and small. iPod...

Go forth and listen.


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