Monday, March 06, 2006

"The Coming Years of Good" -- reviewed

Paul J. Iutzi of Tangent Online reviews my story, "The Coming Years of Good" from the fall 2005 issue of On Spec (order a copy) to decidedly mixed results.

I’ve long claimed to be a fan of the weird, and Richardson’s story about a woman named Lauren and her new apartment is truly that. In my thirty years, I have suffered neither acid flashback nor psychotic break, however were I to have one, I imagine it would greatly resemble the diminutive, copulating couple filled with Devonshire cream that came with Lauren’s new apartment. The story isn't the kind of weird that leaves me feeling wowed or amused. No, I felt more a vague queasiness. It’s not a bad story; it’s not good. It’s a curiosity, and one I’ll certainly never forget. Sex...

This is probably the worst review a story of mine has gotten so far (I've been lucky), but I'm still pleased with it somehow. I sort of feel I have two hats as a short fiction writer; half the time I write in the hopes of leaving readers "wowed or amused," but the other half of the time... I don't. Hentai...


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