Monday, November 14, 2005

Elf-Help episode 2 teaser

Well, we're half way to the second episode of Elf-Help, and speculation is running rampant:

What is that ship coming into the harbor?
Are the titular elves going to provide help -- or are they the ones who need it?
And, most importantly, does that fat kid call the girl a b!+c#?

Here's a hint-filled multiple choice question to get you over the soon-to-be-weekly Monday waiting-for-the-next-episode hump:

(Choose the best answer.)

Next week...

a) Coby (the dog boy) steps in, deftly deflecting Mar's insult.
b) Gerd (the girl) strangles Mar (the fat kid) with her scarf.
c) The kids are suddenly attacked by Amazon Kobold Marauders.

Find out in just three days!!


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