Sunday, November 06, 2005

When the Great Clod Belches

My story, "When the Great Clod Belches," is now live at Son and Foe.

...I look at the redwood and pee my pants but get to the top through a miraculous collaboration of determination, mind-over-matter willpower, and ass-numbing flatulence. I look down, and the world spins. I’m a lumberjack, and I’m not okay.

“We’re ramblin’ beyond the dust o’ this world, kiddo,” says Chu the Magpie, balancing on one foot on the end of a branch. “I’m gonna talk a little crazy and I want you ta try’n listen a little crazy too, okay?” He hops a little closer, staring and staring with his idiotic little twit bird eye.

“SQWAAAK!” he yells right in my ear. I nearly fall off the tree. Chu flies away and shits on Christopher’s head and shoulder, which makes me laugh...


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