Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Son's Ray

If you've seen me post about his stories on NightShade or other boards, you'll know that I think Ray Vukcevich is the bee's knees. (No, better than the bee's knees -- Ray is the entire bee. Not the stinger, though. Or the guts). Even his shopping list is cool!

So anyway, I'm rather excited by the Table of Contents for the first issue of Son and Foe, which features not only a new short by Mr. Vukcevich, but one also by me. Interestingly, I wrote the S&F story, "When the Great Clod Belches," in late July 2004, shortly after reading Ray's collection, Meet Me in the Moon Room. The story bears Ray's influence in that discovering his writing opened my eyes as to what could be attempted in the short story format, and challenged me to shake my own writing up a little, and be a bit more ambitious. ("The Coming Years of Good," a story slated for publication in On Spec, was written the same week, and bears the same influence).

The only down side to having Ray Vukcevich actually appear in the same magazine as one of the tales by me that he inspired, is that his story is likely to be so much better than mine!

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