Thursday, September 29, 2005

Elfish Pressly

Hello. This blog will mostly be about my writing and stuff. Probably stuff, mostly, since there's a lot of it. (Lots of stuff, I mean: like there's worms and gold coins and beloved teddy bears and platonic ideals, and all of that stuff is... stuff).

Occasionally, if you're good and don't ask for too many cookies or bathroom breaks, I'll post a bit of art. The three cuddly characters in this post were drawn by artist Martin Morazzo, and are the stars of a comic I'm writing called Elf-Help that will be appearing soon at
Stan Lee's Sunday Comics. (While you're waiting patiently for Elf-Help to appear, check out Yenny's Diary, about a girl who wants to become a model, but is hampered by her HUGE feet. Good stuff.)

More soon if I can figure out why this temperamental contraption won't let me post this picture I really, really want to post. (Blogger is feisty for an intangible entity!)

(Disclaimer: If you were looking for Self-Help, but forgot to type the "S" you should leave immediately. This is a Doctor Phil free zone).


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