Saturday, December 03, 2005

"Negation Elimination"

"...unusual, very well-written... A splendid tale that is impossible to second guess."
-- Sherwood Smith, SF Site

"It is nice to have a pseudo-Indian/Russian setting instead of the standard Europe/US based SF."
-- Jason Fischer, Tangent Online

Wheatland Press


The sound of cannon-fire cut Gao short. Shouts of alarm went up from the soldiers as the Tsar’s fleet came into view, dark dirigible stars against a white-gray sky.

“All hands to battle-stations!” Visvajit bellowed. He dragged Gao across the deck. “Come on, Professor.”

“Where am I going?” Gao asked, running to keep from falling. Visvajit nodded to the section of railing broken during his duel. He whistled loudly and an air-chariot -- the Shakuna, if Gao read the characters correctly -- moved into position beneath them. Gao’s stomach twisted as he realized how Visvajit intended for him to board the vessel.

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